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Our Staff & Equipment

We have a professional friendly staff We are equipped with a reliable insured 4x4 cars & buses.

SETT 4x4 cars  SETT 4x4 cars  SETT 4x4 cars
Our Services

Organized packaged tours or tailor made tours. - Trekking - Cycling (Soon) - Bird Watching - Or any other special interest - Adventure - Air Tickets - Culture - Car rental - Safaris - Hotel bookings whitewater rafting

Our Objective

To promote "Ethical Tourism". Tourist having visited places they are interested in, SETT can arrange a short stay with the villagers, to create a direct interaction with people there by breaking the barriers and be able to experience the way of living in this different world.

Our Aim

To create a possibility for visitor-host relationship, mutual understanding and reciprocal benefits.

Our Commitment:

To make our objective & aim a reality and make your stay not only one pleasurable and unforgettable experience but one valuable & worthy.

Our Task

Make you feel at home away from home.

Your Task

Contact us and leave every thing else in our hands.

Our Catchword
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