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Location map of Ethiopia As big as France and Spain put together or five times as big as Britain, Ethiopia is located in the north east of the Horn of Africa its firm cultural identity owes to the fact that it is the only African country to escape European colonialism. More than 80 ethnic groups and as many languages comprise the 64 million population making it the 3rd populous nation in Africa. This country has the oldest Christian civilization and has the oldest archeological record on earth. It has its own language and script, its own calendar and clock.

Despite the bad images, like famine war etc depicted to this land at one time, Ethiopia is called by many “ the cradle of mankind”, “the wonderful land”, “the land of 13 months of sunshine”,” the gifted land”… is a country of infinite diversity.

Diverse in Geography and Climate :

ranging from 100 meters below sea level, one of the hottest places on earth to 4650 meters dramatic alpine highland plateau. The phenomenal great rift valley, the breath taking spectacularly rugged Simien mountains, variety of landscapes, waterfalls, jungle forest and savanna – all seem to co-exist in perfect harmony.

Diverse in Peoples:

with rich intact tradition and ever smiling friendly people described as the most fascinating tribes of the continent .

Diverse in Wildlife:

Out of 10 bird families endemic to Africa, 8 are represented in Ethiopia!. 350 species of animals with 7 endemics. About 1000 of 7000 plant species are also found only in Ethiopia.

All we can say is seeing is believing, and as the French put it " Rien re vaut mieux que voyager pour comprendre". Translation-> nothing is better than to travel.

Hence, we encourage you to experience the adventure of your life time and discover for yourself this intact unique land of unusual contrast, diversity and smiling people with us. SMILE YOU ARE NOW IN ETHIOPIA.

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