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SETT01 Addis Ababa city Tour Half Day
SETT02 Addis Ababa city Tour Full Day
SETT03 Melka Kunture, Adadi mariam, Tiya Full Day
SETT04 Debrelibanos & Blue Nile gorge Full Day
SETT05 Gefersa Managesha forest Full Day
SETT06 Debrezeit & Mount Zuquala Full Day
SETT07 Debrezeit, Nazareth, Sodere Full Day
SETT08 Debrezeit, Lake Langano, Abyata & Shala Full Day
SETT09 Debreberhan, Ankober 2 Days/1 Night
SETT10 Awash National Park 2 Days/1 Night
SETT11 Awash N.P., Diredawa, Harar 5 Days/4 Nights
SETT12 Historic Route- BahirDar, Gondar, Lalibella, Axum, Yeha
  by car or bus
14 Days/13 Nights
SETT13 Historic Route by Air 8 Days/7 Nights
SETT14 Historic Route + Short Trekking in Simien by car, Air 14 Days/13 Nights
SETT15 Trekking in the Simien 14 Days/13 Nights
SETT16 Historic Route + Rift Valley Lakes by Air 12 Days/11 Nights
SETT17 Historic Route + Harar & Dire Dawa by Air 15 Days/10 Nights
SETT18 Rift Valley Lakes, Arbaminich & Konso by bus 6 Days/5 Nights
SETT19 Ethnological Expedition - Omo Valley by 4 x 4 13 Days/12 Nights
SETT20 Bale Mountains National Park, SofOmar Caves by 4 x 4 6 Days/5 Nights
SETT21 The Danakil Depression Expedition 9 Days/8 Nights
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