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SETT16 Historic Route + Rift Valley Lakes by Air 12 Days/11 Nights

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa, City Tour o/n Hotel
Day 2: Fly Axum. Visit Stelae, Mariam Tsion Church and other important sites o/n Hotel.
Day 3: Fly Lalibela. Visit the 1st group of Churches o/n Hotel
Day 4: Visit the 2nd group of Churches of Lalibela o/n Hotel
Day 5: Fly Gondar. Visit the castles, churches & other sites o/n Hotel
Day 6: Fly Bahir Dar. Visit the Blue Nile Falls o/n Hotel.
Day 7: Boat trip on lake Tana to visit various monasteries of the islands o/n Hotel.
Day 8: Fly back to Addis Ababa o/n Hotel
Day 9: Drive to the Rift Valley Lakes visiting lakes Ziway, Abiyata, Shala, and Langano. Bird watching on the lakes o/n Hotel.
Day 10: Drive back to Addis Ababa
Day 11: Departure

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