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SETT20 Bale Mountains National Park, SofOmar Caves by 4 x 4 6 Days/5 Nights

Day 1: Drive to Rift Valley lakes and Wondogent o/n Hotel
Day 2: Proceed to Dinsho Afternoon walk around Dinsho o/n Hotel
Day 3:Observe the characteristic Flora & Fauna, Watch the endemic Mountain Nyala and Semien Fox and many more wild life. Drive back to Goba o/n Hotel
Day 4: Drive to Sof Omar caves and see the under ground cave thought to be among the largest caverns of the world. Picnic lunch en route o/n Hotel
Day 5: Drive Goba-Awassa o/n Hotel
Day 6: Drive Awassa Addis Ababa
N.B Four or more days horse or foot trekking can be arranged here on request

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