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SETT21 The Danakil Depression Expedition 9 Days/8 Nights

Day 1: Drive Addis Ababa-Awash National Park o/n Kareyou Lodge
Day 2: Full day at Awash & surrounding o/n Hotel
Day 3: Awash-Assayata visit Afar people o/n Hotel
Day 4: Assayta-Afdera o/n camping
Day 5: Afdera-Dodom o/n camping
Day 6: Trekk Dodom-Ertale o/n camping
Day 7: Ertale back to Dodom o/n camping
Day 8: Drive back to Afdera o/n Hotel
Day 9: Afdera-Addis Ababa

N.B 1. All of the above tour programs are only indicative. Upon request, they can be modified rearranged mixed or extended to suit your interest, time and budget.

2. Two or more days stay with the villagers can be arranged on any tour programs.

3. Special interest like -

  • Bird watching
  • Trekking
  • Mountain climbing
  • White water rafting
  • Study tours
  • Or any other tour can be arranged on request.


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