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Rift Valley Lakes, Wondogenet & Awassa

Passing right through Ethiopia, the Great Rift Valley extends from the Middle - East to Mozambique. The Ethiopian section of the Rift Valley encompasses a string of lakes and fascinating national Parks: Abiyata-Shala, Nechsar, Mago and Omo

Lake Ziway Lake Ziway

about 160 kms south of Addis Ababa. It is the largest lake of the chain. Bird life include: The long tailed cormorant, darter, Saddle bill stork, greater Jacana, African fish eagle, green pigeon, black leaded oriole, wood hoope and others.

Lake Langano Lake Awassa

Here too many bird species are witnessed. Lake Awassa offers swimming, boat trip and fishing. The popular early morning fish market in the town of Awassa is also interesting.

Lake Langano Lake Langano

A popular resort for swimming, bird watching and camping; lake Langano is a bilharzia-free lake, 210 kms away from the capital.

Awash National Park Awash National Park

This park located 255km east from Addis Ababa, is one of the most visited parks in Ethiopia. More than 462 bird species out of which six endemic have been recorded. The banded barbet, the golden-backed wood pecker, white-winged cliff chat, white-tailed starling, thick-brilled raven and wattled ibis. Wild life include Oryx, Grevy Zebras, bush buck, Hart beest, Dik Dik, Gazelle etc. There are impressive views from where the Kereyuo people can be seen. The Fantale Crater, around 25 km from the H.Q, is a nice view with Hamadryas'baboons, lammergeyers easily seen. Fourty kms North of the park lies the filwoha hot springs.

Lake Abijatta Lake Abijatta

The most famous for its bird life; this lake hosts flamingos, African fish eagles, Egyptian geese, white-necked cormorants, marabou storks, Sacred ibis and may others.

Lake Shala Lake Shala

The deepest Ethiopian Rift Valley Lake, Lake Shala, is home to the Africa's most important breeding colony of great pelicans.

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