Visas are required for all visitors, however; nationals of 38 countries are given visa on arrival at Bole international Air Port (Updated on August 2011). They are :

Argentina, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, Israel, Russia, Austria, Italy, South Africa, Belgium, Japan, Spain,Brazil, Kuwait, Sweden, Canada, Luxemburg, Switzerland, China, Mexico, Denmark, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Norway, United States, Finland, Netherlands and Germany, Thiland, North Koria, Slovakia, Taiwan


Travelers using rail ways Dewele on the Djibouti border is the only point of entry to Ethiopia and those driving to Ethiopia via surface, Moyale (in Kenya), Humera and Metema (in Sudan), and again Galafi in Djibouti are the available means of entries. All arrivals undergo full customs and immigration checks.

For the major part of travelers accessing via flight, the Bole International Airport is the only terminal available in the Capital Addis Ababa though there are other domestic airports and airstrips serving domestic needs.


Ethiopia is in the GMT +3 hours time zone. Ethiopia follows the Julian Calander, which consists of Twelve months of 30 days each and a 13th month of five days which become Six days on leap year. Ethiopia Uses 220volts 50 cycles AC.


Ethiopia’s unit of currency, the birr, is issued by the National Bank of Ethiopia . Other banks in the country includes the government owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and many privately owned banks operate in the country . All of them will give exchange services for cash. Credit card is accepted only by Dash bank for cashing from VISA card.


Declaration of hard currency exceeding USD 1000.00 or equivalent at entry points is a must. Undeclared currencies exceeding this amount may not be allowed to take out of the country. Taking out local currency exceeding Eth. Birr 200.00 is also prohibited.
Duty-free imports are permitted for up to:

  • 200 cigarettes
  • 1 lit of alcoholic beverages.
  • 1/2 lit of perfumes.

Visitors may export souvenirs with a value not exceeding E.birr 500.00


Transport system in town is mostly covered by mini buses and taxi service. Shuttle service at Addis Ababa airport is given by different transport companies and hotels in the city. You need prior arrangement for the shuttle service or you need to have local currency cash to pay and use available taxi service.


Drivers require a valid International Driving License, which can be obtained by exchanging their local license at the Transport and Road Authority office in Addis Ababa. Visitors can recover their original license a day or so prior to departure. Those with their own Vehicle will require a permit from the ministry of Transport and communication. Driving is on the right.